Whitehorn Mountain, Kinney Lake
36" x 36", acrylic on canvas


My primary concern in approaching a painting is the subject's potential for use of pattern. Deriving inspiration from patterns in natural or man-made forms, I attempt to create an appreciation of the dynamic qualities inherent in those forms. The compositions, often landscapes, usually consist of a simplicity of major elements realized through a complexity of tonal and textural patterns. These are achieved through a process of brush strokes which not only define the elements of  composition, but in themselves often are elements of composition. My visual statements are  a culmination of combining those strong patterns with a sense of fine detail.

I've been inspired by the work of many artists, of diverse styles. On absorbing what I've admired in their paintings, I allow my work to evolve reflecting not so much the influence of particular artists, but rather certain aspects of their combined influences.